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Ed Farber's popular new ebook takes the reader on a merry romp through growing up during the Depression and wartime 1940's, the transitions from grade school to high school to college to the military and, finally, to marriage, kids and grandkids. On the way we also laugh about pets, secretaries, bugs in the BOQ, being a canine midwife, and many more incidents and observations all dished out with warnth and wit.

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Previously appeared in Artisan Literary Journal and the anthology Winter Harvest
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A Collection of Short Stories

Excerpt from the book’s Introduction:

The houses along Clara Avenue are mostly empty now. For those that remain, time has done a thorough wrecking job, and a once lively neighborhood has decayed into empty, ghostly hulks. Yet, if you walk slowly along those cracked, concrete sidewalks and listen with your imagination, you might pick up faint echoes of laughter and tears—the music of life—that once filled each and every house. The stories in this volume are part of Clara Avenue’s history, stories as diverse as the people who moved into the houses and flats, played out a portion of their lives there, and moved away—a constant stream emulating the continuum of life itself.

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