Maybe I should have named my blog Potpourri or Pastiche or simply a Savory Stew because I aim to throw a lot of different things into the pot, mostly about reading, writing and art, but many other things, too, because I’ve lived a long time and have a lot of interests. I also will include here thoughts of others I come upon who share my loves. Including those of you who care to share your thoughts and impressions.
Artists Who Write and Vice Versa
posted by Ed Farber on October 18, 2012

On Twitter (yes, I have a Twitter account: @edfarber) I’ve encountered numerous folks who both write and do art. I’d like to hear from those of you who actually do both --how, when, and what.

Someone asked me how I came to write my book, “Looking Back with a Smile.”  That was really easy because prior to getting it together as a book I had included many of the anecdotes in a family history I was writing. When the idea for putting it all together as a book came to me, all I did was cull the history manuscript I had written, pull out the anecdotes and organize them into chapters. Voila! A book! A relatively short one, to be sure, but good enough to get 5-star reviews on Amazon.

The hardest part was rewriting to eliminate superfluous words, adjectives, etc. and then formatting the completed manuscript (in Word) for Kindle and Smashwords. I decided to do the formatting myself even though I was not completely proficient on the computer. It took a lot of online research and many after-midnight hours to get it all done. But I did learn to do it, (the web is a marvelous source of information) and my book was accepted by both Kindle and Smashwords. I’ll talk about both soon.

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