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5-Star Review of Echoes of Clara Avenue
posted by Ed Farber on August 20, 2013

I received a 5-star review for my new book, Echoes of Clara Avenue, a collection of short stories, on Amazon Kindle. My thanks to reviewer Chris Riehman. Here's an excerpt:

Perfectly delightful vignettes! Mr. Farber captures the essence of life on Clara Avenue in St. Louis through several generations and ethnic groups. The stories are skillfully varied, revealing Mr. Farber's broad understanding of the diverse situations, predicaments, disappointments, and triumphs germane to the human condition.

I was impressed with how his writing ran the gamut of the spirits of the characters he offers - - gentle and refined when that was called for, and less so when that was appropriate. This wide spectrum of style only helps, I think, to put the reader smack dab in the situations Mr. Farber puts forth.

Oddly enough, the reviewer is the daughter of a Blewett High School classmate and former St. Louis resident who I haven't seen or heard from in more than 60 years!

Writers love to get good reviews and a 5-star is tops on Amazon. If anyone would like to review the book, I'd be delighted. Just let me know. You can read one of the stories from the book in my Books & Stories section on this website.


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