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Changing Book Cover Art
posted by Ed Farber on May 31, 2013

There are many experts out there who talk about the importance of a good cover design. As an artist, I understand layout, typography, using photographs, and putting it all together for readability. As a former advertising man, I also understand appealing to emotions as part of the “sell.”  That doesn’t mean I “know” it all. In fact, we learn as we do.

In my case, I designed the cover of my first book, Looking Back with a Smile, over a year ago. Now I think it needs to be strengthened. More eye appeal, more emotional impact. And so I did a redesign which I have not yet put into use. The book cover on the left is the original design; on the right is the proposed new design. I used a darker background color since the background in the photo was dark. In fact, I color-matched the background to the darkest tone in the sepia-colored photo (the photo is one taken of me when I was 13 months old. The photo in the first design also is me as a youngster.) I then selected a typeface that was a bit old-fashioned to suit the context of the book and used a color that also reinforced that impression. I believe I have come up with a much stronger cover design, one that has more emotional appeal. What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know if you agree. Or not.


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