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On Being an Intuitive Painter
posted by Ed Farber on April 18, 2013

I’ve read books and articles by artists who know exactly the correct combinations of colors to use for the effect they want in the paintings they create. Oh, to know beforehand in such detail how to lay on the paint. I envy those who can do that. I, for one, cannot. I know the effect I wish to produce when I plan the painting. I know generally the coloration I want to create for the mood in the painting. But to come up beforehand with the precise formulas? No can do.

I guess I am an intuitive painter. I’ve painted long enough to avoid a muddy mess when mixing, but I seem to achieve my goal by trial and error. I could save endless hours if I memorized all the formulas others have suggested, but I have neither the capacity nor the desire to do so. I have learned through the years how to mix my colors generally. But to get the precise color I want is a process I go through with every painting while I’m laying on the paint. I guess the analytical side of my brain is subservient to the intuitive side.

The enjoyment that comes with discovery—that AHA moment when you achieve what you set out to do—would be somehow diminished for me if I knew precisely how to get there before hand. Even now, sometimes when I look at a painting of mine long after it has been completed, I wonder, how in the world did I do that?

Would I be a better artist if I were a more knowledgeable technician? Maybe. But I enjoy the intuitive process and have found it to be a better teacher for me in the long run.


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