Maybe I should have named my blog Potpourri or Pastiche or simply a Savory Stew because I aim to throw a lot of different things into the pot, mostly about reading, writing and art, but many other things, too, because I’ve lived a long time and have a lot of interests. I also will include here thoughts of others I come upon who share my loves. Including those of you who care to share your thoughts and impressions.
Why Self-Publish?
posted by Ed Farber on April 2, 2013

I wrote in an earlier blog (September 22, 2012) that my main reason for self-publishing was that I was 80 years old and time was too precious to be wasted on finding an agent first, then a publisher, and finally on having it printed,  all which realistically could take a number of years if ever. I didn’t have that much time to spare. After a number of weeks of online research, I published the book myself and also designed the cover (of course, I had written it much earlier.) Seeing your book finally published (even as an ebook) delivers much gratification and a great ego boost even if you do it yourself. At last, the subject of your labor of love can be read and (you hope) appreciated by others.

I’d like to hear back from others who have self-published and their reasons for doing so and results.


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