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Book Titles are Not Copyrighted
posted by Ed Farber on February 15, 2013

My Ebook, Looking Back with a Smile, was originally entitled Looking Back Laughing, much stronger, I think. When I googled that title I found that it had been used by others. Mistakenly, I thought it couldn’t be used for my book. I learned subsequently that book titles are not copyrighted. You can use the same title as a previously published book, but I would avoid doing so if your book and the other were contemporaries and covered the same subject matter. In my case the title was not for a book but for a song, and I could have used it. I should have discovered that sooner.

If you have a title in mind for a book, do the research. Remember, when people search for a book by title and there is another bearing that same title, yours may not be the one that comes up in the search. It’s always best to use a title that hasn’t been used before.

But if you want it nevertheless, go for it!


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