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Here’s a Review I Just Wrote for Goodreads
posted by Ed Farber on April 14, 2013

It’s a short story by Mike Ronney on Goodreads. Here’s the link for the story:

The track coach says to Chunky, “Chunks, I expect you to be here tomorrow. I need you to race Markie.” And that becomes Chunky’s huge dilemma as well as inspiration in the short story, Three Cheers for Chunky, by Mike Roney.  I related to this amusing story with a message because, well, because once long ago I was on a high school track team and, like Chunky, hated to run. Unlike Chunky, I opted for field events (no running involved.)

Chunky has a different problem. He’s not really on the team, just likes the idea of hanging out with the guys and their highly respected coach. But running was never an option. When he did get on the track, he kind of jogged, “his arms flailing, his stomach bobbing along like a life preserver lost at sea,” as author Roney describes. You get the idea. Chunky is not built like a track star.  Roney’s colorful writing moves the story right along, bringing the reader back into that high school milieu with the joshing that goes on between Chunky and his friends.  Mostly, however,  it’s  Chunky’s inner conflict that makes this story so successful  as he faces a most important challenge in his young life. The conclusion, while unexpected, reminds us how a teacher or coach can be a strong, positive influence in our lives.

It’s a quick, very pleasant read, and whether you were on a track team or not, you too will cheer for Chunky.


I plan to find time to do reviews (and reprint reviews) on more books in this blog. If you have a book to review, let me know.

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